1.  Central and State Government : - The Central/State Govts have provided a number of concessions to promote employment of Ex –Servicemen in the civil jobs. The details are as follows :- 

(a)     There are reservations in Govt Departments, PSU/s Nationalised Banks and Para Military Forces as follows: -                                                                                                       Group ‘C’            Group ‘D’

  (i)      Central Ministries/Deptts              10%                      20%

          (ii)     PSUs/Nationalised Banks             14.5%                    24.5 %  

(b)     For the purpose of appointment in Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts under the Central Govt as well as PSUs the following priority is accorded:


(i)      Disabled Ex-servicemen whose disability is attributable to military services are accorded Priority-I. 

(ii)      Upto 2 dependents of Armed forces personnel killed in action or severely disabled (with 50 percent and above disability and who have become unfit for employment but disability is attributable to military service) are accorded Priority-II.  

(iii)     Widow/son/daughter of Armed Forces Personnel died while in service (death not attributable to military service) are also eligible for compassionate appointment for Group ‘C’ or ‘D’ post.


(c)     In Defence Security Corps, 100% vacancies are reserved for Ex-Servicemen.


(d)     Most of the State Governments also provide reservations to Ex-Servicemen in State Government jobs.  

2.         Central Para Military Forces.  There is 10 percent reservation for the post of Assistant Commandant in the Para Military Forces.    

3.       Relaxation in Age/Exemption of Fees. Ex-servicemen have also been granted relaxation in age and educational qualification and exemption from payment of application/examination fees.  

4.       Corporate/Private Sector.  Persistent efforts are made by the DGR to increase awareness amongst the corporate sector on the availability of valuable human resources in ex-defence personnel in order to enhance the job opportunities for Ex-servicemen (Officers/PBORs) in Corporate/Private Sector. 

5.   Registration for PBORs in DGR. The process of registration should be started 12 months before the actual date of release of the Ex-Servicemen. The Officer Commanding of the Unit is to prepare the Employment Index Card in triplicate and forward to Records Office who after scrutiny of particulars will forward to the concerned ZSB/ZSWO. He will be registered by the ZSB/ZSWO and registration number will be allotted. The Ex-servicemen can also contact their concerned ZSB/ZSWO directly for registration. Every Ex-servicemen who registers with the ZSB/ZSWO has to renew his registration once in three years.  

6.       Sponsoring of Ex-Servicemen for jobs : Names of Ex-Servicemen (Officers/PBORs) and widows registered with DGR are sponsored against requests received from the Government Sector/PSUs/Private sector.   



7.       Tipper Truck Scheme.  This scheme envisages the attachment of one tipper truck to an Ex-Servicemen coal transport company. 

(a)       Widows/Disabled Ex-Servicemen released from service with disability pension deposit Rs. 85,000/- with Ex-Servicemen coal Transport Company nominated by DGR for purchase of a tipper truck in their name. 

(b)       Coal company pays Rs. 3000/- per month for five years. 

(c)        Rs.85,000/- capital returned Widows/Disabled Ex-Servicemen after 5 years. 

8.       Oil Product Agency

(a)          Eight percent Defence Quota.   The oil products except for kerosene and naphtha remain controlled.  Under this scheme, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (P&NG) have reserved 8% of the retail outlets of Petroleum  & LPG for War Widows/dependents/disabled soldiers as per the following priority:-

Priority-I.    Widows/Dependants of posthumous gallantry award winners.

Priority-II.   Widows/Dependants of servicemen killed in war.

Priority-III.  Disabled in War

Priority-IV. Widows/dependants of those died in harness with causes attributable to service.

Priority-V. Disabled in peace with disability attributable to military services.

(b)       The eligible candidates apply to DGR for issue of Eligibility Certificate based on the advertisement in leading newspapers by the various oil companies.  They then apply to Ministry of P&NG for specific retail outlets.  Ministries of P&NG scrutinize each application.  A dealer selection board appointed by Ministry of P&NG then interviews the applicants, under defence quota.  A letter of Intent (LOI) is then issued to those selected. 

(c)       Special Scheme.  500 petroleum/LPG outlets were released by Govt for widows/NOK of personnel killed in OP VIJAY in KARGIL Sector. A case has been taken up with Ministry of P&NG to allot 50 of these outlets to disabled soldiers boarded out of service during Kargil War. 

9.       Army Surplus Class-V ‘B’ Vehicle
(a)          ESM can apply within five years of retirement. Widows can also avail of
the scheme.

(b)        42 types of vehicles presently available.

(c)        Security deposit is required in the form of Bank draft in favour of DGR

Security Deposit Fund payable at Delhi

(d)        Applications are registered by DGR and vehicles released by MGO’s


        (e)       Seniority of applications is reckoned from the date of its receipt in Central Registry of DGR.


(a)        SEMFEX–II Scheme. The scheme is operative with support from NABARD.


(i)          Operative in rural areas.

(ii)        ESM individuals, co-operatives, companies, corporations, partnerships, NGOs, SHGs are eligible for subsidy.

(iii)       Wide spectrum of Agricultural, Industrial and Service sector ventures are covered for financial assistance in rural areas.  However, agro/food processing units can be set up in urban areas also.

(iv)         No upper ceiling for loan in farm sector.

(v)          Non-farm sector ceiling for loan is up to SSI limit.

(vi)         Soft loan assistance is available under farm and Non-Farm activities.

(vii)      Capital investment subsidy is available upto Rs 50 lakhs for cold storages and storages of horticultural produce.

(viii)    Financial Assistance for rural housing includig repairs/renovation.

(ix)       Financial assistance for trading and business activities.

(x)        Financial Assistance for modernization, expansion and introduction of new technologies/products and services such as education, health, construction, tourism etc.  Benefiting rural areas by way of income and employment generation.

(xii)      Loan through banks.

(b)         SEMFEX –III Scheme.   The scheme is operative with the support from Khadi and village Industries Commission (KVIC) under Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP).


(i)        Operative in rural areas.

(ii)       All viable village, cottage, tiny and small industries are eligible for finance.

(iii)      Negative List :  Activities concerning Animal husbandry, Meat, intoxicant, Plantation crops, Polythene manufacture and Rural transport are not covered for finance.

(iv)      Maximum cost of project – Rs 25 lakhs.

(v)       30% subsidy upto Rs 10 lakhs and above this, 10% subsidy is provided.

(vi)      Maximum subsidy – Rs 4.5 lakhs.

(vii)        Only one person in a family is eligible for benefit.

(viii)    Borrowers will register with KVIC Regional branch for the loans.

(ix)      Loan through banks.

(c)        Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) Scheme for Ex-Servicemen. 

                        PMRY Scheme is a centrally sponsored subsidy linked scheme for setting up micro enterprises in business, industry and service sectors. 

(i)        Maximum age limit to avail loan                     - 45 years

(ii)       Loan for business (trading activities                - Rs 1 lakh

including agricultural and allied activities)                                         

(iii)      Loan for industry/service sectors                    - Rs.2 lakhs

(iv)      Loan for partnership project                          - Rs.10 lakhs.

21.       Mother Dairy, Milk Shops & Safal Shops

(a)      Rank                      - Nk to JCO.

(b)    Age                        - Not more than 50 years for Mother Dairy and 55 years for SAFAL

(c)        Medical category      - Not below BEE.

(d)        Security Deposit      - Rs. 1 lakh for Milk Shop and Rs 75,000/- for Safal shop.

22.       CNG Station

(a)          Applicable only in Delhi. Employment upto 4 years, renewable every year based on performance.

(b)          Officers upto 58 years of age should be registered with DGR.

(c)          Bank Guarantee Rs.4.00 lakhs.

(d)          Operated on ‘Company Owned Company Operated (COCO)’ basis.

(e)          Remuneration Rs.20,000/- per month.