NEWS LETTER                                               29 May 2009

Dear VSF Members,

1. Many queries/clarification are being received from our members regarding Pension related, INBA Scholarship and other issues. It is pertinent to highlight that on many occasions the information/query sought is available on our VSF webpage and other related Web pages hosted on the Navy Website (IRFC) and if our members make a judicious use of these Web Pages the info can be retrieved faster and will also avoid duplication of efforts at both ends.

2.For the ease of purpose the following updated important E-mails and Websites are listed below:-

(a) This Website is maintained by the information resource and facilities centre at IHQ, MOD(Navy). Information regarding VSF is hosted in retired section. You may also visit web pages of VSF/DESA, DPA, VI CPC, INPA, CABS and other links important to serving and retired personals.

(b) This is the official website of Indian Navy. It provides vision document of Indian Navy. It provides links to home pages of Naval Dockyard, INBA, NGIS, DNA, Dte of fleet maintenance, DME etc.

(c) This website is maintained by the Director General Resettlement and contains valuable information regarding resettlement opportunity, employment assistance provided to ESM, various Forms and News updates from the Kendriya Sainik Board(KSB). Very important website for ex-sailors, widows and their NoKs

(d) This is Website of the Naval Pay Office. After logging in you can communicate with Naval Pay Office and find all forms/information related to pay, perks and other entitlements.

(e) This is official website of Ministry of Defence. Provides all MoD/GoI orders/circulars and publications which are useful to ESM for eg ‘Sainik Samachar’.

(f) The Website of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.

(g) The Website of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions),Drupadi Ghat, Allahadad. E-mail id of PDCA is also mentioned below, personnel can directly send e-mail to CDA regarding their grievances.

(h) This site provides information regarding latest orders/circulars of pensioners. They can be contacted for pending claims regarding revision of pension and TA/DA claims etc. E-mail id of CDA(Navy) is mentioned below.

(j) Indian Naval Placement Agency site provides job assistance to all ex-naval personnel including widows (no membership fee). This site provides job information to all ESM including those who are not the members of INPA. E-mail id of INPA is mentioned below.

(k) This is official site of naval public school. You can visit this site for career option, counseling, admission, board of governors etc. The e-mail id is mentioned below.

(l) All important information in respect to Canteen Stores Department like revised monetary limits, authority letter regarding purchase of car by PBOR, CSD bulletin, AFD item list depot wise are available on this site. E-mail is of CSD is mentioned below.

(m) This site provides detailed information about various entries in Navy, recruitment criteria, eligibility and contact information of DMPR for Officers and Sailors entries.

(n) This site provides information regarding tri-services organisations.

(p) The webpage of Ex-servicemen Contributory Scheme in hosted on official website of Indian Army. This site provides information about ECHS policy letter, list of polyclinics, FAQ, guide lines for ECHS members.

(q) Official website of Air Force Naval Housing Board. E-mail id is mentioned below. Given last details of AFNHS schemes, demand survey, updated reports on housing projects.

(r) This site provides important information about pensions.

(s) Indian ex-services league Govt approved largest ex-servicemen body.

E-Mail Ids




(IV) CABS Pension Desk

(V) VSF Delhi




(IX) CDA(Navy)

(X) CABS, Release Center



(XIII) WNC Pay office




(XVII) KSB for Policy matter

(XVIII) KSB for welfare issues

(XIX) KSB for JD Coord


(XXI) VSF Mumbai

(XXII) VSF Vizag


(XXIV) PM Scholarship


(XXVI) DGR employment

(XXVII) Indian Ex- Service League

(XXVIII) DOP, Indian Navy


Note: The above web site/ e-mails are being updated for any new additions.

3. For faster response to the queries raised by the VSF Members, the ibid Websites/E-mails are to be effectively used with copy to VSF, Delhi so that this office can also keep track of the issue and can pursue it further if required.

4. Lastly, all VSF members are requested to pass on the above information to all our VSF Members/ex-sailors who are in touch with them and are staying nearby.