INS Netaji Subhash is situated on the bank of river Hoogly close to Fort William in Hastings area. The point of reference are Hastings Chapel, Ordnance Club and Marine House.

The Indian Navy and the Royal Indian Marine had their offices in Kolkata from the days of the East Indian Company. Certainly, the Hydrographic branch were employed there, and commissioned the voyages of discovery in the Bay of Bengal.

INS Hoogly was renamed INS Netaji Subhash on the 05th July 1974, with a view to honour the memory of the great leader in the premier Naval establishment in the city of his birth.


INS Netaji Subhash is the depot ship at Kolkata and she provides logistics and administrative support to all units, visiting ships and ships under construction. In addition to this the establishment also provides support to Andaman Nicobar Island.

The following units function under NOIC (Kolkata) who is also Commanding Officer INS Netaji Subhash :-

NCB (Diamond Harbour)
TS Bagjola
5N Det Barrackpore
CINA Cossipore
All Naval NCC Units

Warship Overseeing Team (WOT), Kolkata - Warship Overseeing Team Kolkata was created in Nov 1962 for carrying out inspections and overseeing functions of new construction Boats and Yard Crafts in the premises of Contractor's Yards located in Kolkata. In due course, the scope of its functions were enlarged to cover all types of new construction ships and ship repairs on the eastern coast.

Until the early sixties, there was practically no production of Warships undertaken by the Shipyards in the Eastern Region. The scope of overseeing was only limited to building of boats and yard crafts. The function of Warship Overseeing Team, then apart from the above, was primarily to cater to operational running repairs of visiting Naval Ships, through local yards in Kolkata. Ship repair work more often than not was a short term work, since no extensive hull repairs and engine jobs ere involved as this was totally looked after by the Naval Dockyard resources elsewhere. Consequent upon the decision taken to construct the leander class frigates in India, Production work of different classes of Warships and auxiliary craft followed and got underway and the overseeing team since 1976, got itself introduced to production of Warships of the kind of old generation Seaward Defence Boats, Ocean Going Tugs, Landing Crafts Utility and Survey Vessel, in addition to number of other yard crafts and boats.

The Office of Warship Overseeing Team, Kolkata is within the premises of INS Netaji Subhash.

NCB(Diamond Harbour) - All the NCB's were taken over by Navy in the year 1964 from the Army. Simultaneously Naval Coast Battery (Kolkata) was also taken over by Navy on 04 Oct 1964. It is situated 55 km away from INS Netaji Subhash at Diamond Harbour.

TS Bagjola - The history of Naval Transmitting Station at Bagjola dates back to 1953/54 when a few sailors had landed in the Camp with portable HF transmitters. The project was later on initiated by Army and Navy and both were operating from a single building. Today the building is utilised as full fledged Army TS. Due to the shortage of space a separate transmitting Hall was commissioned in 1971 for Navy. Naval Transmitting Station Bagjola is loacted 22 kms from INS Netaji Subhash. It is a detachment of INS Netaji Subhash and depends on all matters including logistic support.

5N Detachment - The 5N Detachment is the tributary of Headquarters, 32 Wireless Experimental Unit, located at Vishakapatnam. This detachment was commissioned on 07 July 67 and shifted to its present location at Barrackpore Cantonment from INS Netaji Subhash Hastings, Kolkata- 22 on 28 March 72. The unit is operationally placed under the Additional Directorate General of Signal Intelligence and administratively under Naval Officer-in-Charge, Kolkata. The logistic support is being provided by INS Netaji Subhash.

5N Detachment Barrackpore is located 35 kms from INS Netaji Subhash.

CINA Cossipore - In order to build up Naval Armament Inspection service, Naval Headquarters appointed a Naval representative at Kolkata in early 1953 to liaise with the Ordnance Factories in and around Kolkata for the indigenous production of Naval Armament Stores and for their inspection by the Army Technical Development Establishment (TDE), now senior Quality Assurance Establishment.

Subsequently, towards the end of 1953, the Naval representative was designated "Naval Armament Inspecting Officer" and was provided a skeleton staff to meet Naval inspection commitments. Thereafter, production in Ordnance Factories of this area rapidly progressed. The factories were equipped and geared up to produce a variety of armament stores from the three services. TDE could not provide adequate facilities for inspection of increased Naval Armament Stores along with the rising Army requirements. Thereafter, in 1956 an independent Naval Inspectorate was established.

Since then, vary many changes have taken place. The inspectorate has now its own double-storied building in the factory campus. The post was upgraded to "Senior Inspector" in 1957. The inspectorate has been equipped with precision measuring instruments and tools.

NAI Kolkata looks after all aspects of Quality Assurance and Inspection of naval Armament Stores being manufactured/produced at 4 Ordnance Factories, viz. Gun & Shell Factory Cossipore, Ordnance Factory, Dum Dum, Rifle Factory, Ichapore Metal & Steel Factory, Ichapore and a large number of trade firms both in public and private sectors in and around Kolkata.

NAI Cossipore is located 15 Kms from INS Netaji Subhash.


Canteen - Unit Run Canteen is open six days a week . The canteen timings are as under:-

1030-1230 Monday to Friday
1430-1530 Monday to Friday
0930-1130 Saturday

Sailors Institute opens six days a week.

Timings - 1830 - 2030 except Thursday.

Wet Canteen - A wet canteen is there in the establishment for sailors and civilian employees which is open everyday except Sundays.

Schools - The establishment has a Naval KG School for Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG Standards.

Bank - An extension counter of Punjab National Bank function inside then base.

Post Office - Hastings Post Office is in the close proximity.

Library - INS Netaji Subhash has a Ships Library consisting of around 5000 books. Fort William also has a good Library.

STD booth is available very close to the establishment opposite Ordnance Club.

Gas Agency - Opposite the base ASC depot is located which controls all gas bookings.

Gymnasium - A Gymnasium functions inside the establishment.

Swimming Pool - All Naval personnel are allowed to use the swimming pool of Fort William.

Picture Hall - There is a cinema hall in Fort William.


Places of interest at Kolkata are:-

Victoria Memorial
Alipore Zoo
Metro Rail
Birla Planetarium
Nicco Park
Kolkata Museum
Belur Math
Botanical Gardens

Places of Excursion near Kolkata

Bakkahali - It is a beach of great natural beauty. Accommodation and Transportation by road from Kolkata is available.

Bakreswar - Bakreswar is popular for its not springs and also a place of Hindu Pilgrimage.

Bandel - It is a picnic spot and has old colonial building of portuguese origin.

Chandannagore - 39 Kms a former French colony, it is a beautifully laid out town on the banks of the river Hooghly.

Digha (185 Kms) - It is a popular sea-side excursion , spot with lots of casuarina trees.Various types of accomodation are avilable. It is well served by regular bus services and conducted tours also touch this place.

Gangasagar (135 Kms) - It is a place of Hindu Pilgrimage and the site of the Paus Sanskranti Mela held during mid January. It is accessible by road from Kolkata.

Jairambati (138 Kms) - Birth place of Sarada Devi, the consort of Shri Ram Krishna Paramahansa. It is an important place of Hindu pilgrimage. Accessible by bus/conducted tour.

Kamarpukar (143 Kms) - Birth place of Shri Rama Krishna Paramhansa. it is a Hindu pilgrim spot and has good accommodation by Shri Krishna Mission. Accessible by road/conducted tours from Kolkata.

Mayapur (134 Kms) - Headquarters of ISKCON, Temples dedicated to Shri Chaitanya can be seen. It is stated to be the birth place of Shri Chaitanya. Accessible by Road/Train.

Murshidabad (121 Kms) - Capital of Bengal before the arrival of the English. It is famous for the Hazardwari now converted into Museum and other historical sites associated with Nawab Siraj-ud-Duala. Accomodation available at WBTDC Tourist lodge at Berhampur (12 Kms away). Accessible by rail/road.

Serampore (30 Kms) - It is a former Danish colony and has old Danish Govt. building and a cementery. The Serampore College founded in 1818 is associated with Bengal Renaissance Easily accessible by local trains.

Sunderbans (131 Kms) - It is an unique delta for mangrove forests spread over 1606 sq. Km and famous for being the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a biosphere reserve, sanctuary ans is also project Tiger area. Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge provides reasonable accommodation. Accessible only by conducted tour by boat during Octobe to March.

Vishnupur (200Kms) - It is famous for its 17th-18th centuries Bengal Terracotta Temple. Also known as the birth place of Dhrupad style of classical India vocal music. The Jhapan Sanke festival during July-August is quite unique. A WBTDC run Tourist Bungalow is available. Easily accessible by road and public transport/conducted tours.

Nabadwip (114 Kms) - Nabadwip is an ancient seat Sanskrit learning and Viaishnava philosophy. It is a place associated with Shri Chaitanya. It is accessible by rail/road.