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Established in 1990, Sankalp run by NWWA is a school for the intellectually challenged children. It boasts of an infrastructure which is specially designed and equipped to meet the needs of a special child. Individualized Educational Programme for the betterment of the students are designed and implemented by a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers and therapists who are enthusiastically assisted by volunteers. Early intervention programs and counseling help parents take care of their children with more confidence. Vocational training is imparted to help students achieve gainful employment in future.

My vision for the school is to create an atmosphere and curriculum to make it possible for the students to be integrated into the mainstream. On its 20th Anniversary we reinforce our ?Sankalp? to continue to work towards the educational, functional and economic independence of the students and their seamless integration into our society.

                                                                                             M Vimala Prasad





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